Talk about co-opting the message of a Civil Rights hero…

The following ad is running for Tom Emmer’s campaign in Minnesota.  It’s put out by the Minnesota Family Council [sic] and the National Organization for Marriage [also sic], and it shamelessly casts people’s right to “vote against same sex marriage” as a Civil Right.

Disgusting.  They believe that Martin Luther King, Jr. would have supported the majority’s right to vote to take away/deny rights from a minority.  There are no words for the grotesque, depraved, cynical minds that would use this logic.

It does show us how little respect they really have for the man, though.  Wingnuts know that they will never have the moral authority of a man like Martin Luther King, Jr., and they know they’ll never truly be able to tarnish his image in the eyes of history, though they’d like to.  So instead, they pretend that their own fights are somehow a continuation of King’s work.  Sorry, but King’s closest confidant, namely his wife, stated on numerous occasions that he wouldn’t have supported bigotry or hatred in any form.

In case you need a refresher, here are some of Coretta’s words on gay rights.