Stopped clocks are indeed right twice a day.  It’s good to see, though, any time a public figure like Glenn Beck reacts so fiercely to anti-gay behavior or violence, because his is an audience that needs to hear it.

From HuffPost:

Glenn Beck returned to his television show Wednesday with a lengthy, impassioned condemnation of the brutal anti-gay assault and torture of two teenage boys and a man in the Bronx.


Beck said the attackers — who, among other things, tortured, beat and sodomized their victims — represented “a whole new level of evil.” He agreed that the attacks were grounded in homophobia, but said they went beyond just that.

“This is not only anti-gay, it is anti-human,” he said. “It is bigotry for sport.”

Indeed. Oh my, I just said “indeed” in response to Glenn Beck. Oh my.  He’s really pissed off, though.

Hop over to Mediaite for the video, as it seems to be incompatible with our software. Doy!