There’s not much to this story, except that Peter LaBarbera is reacting hysterically to the fact that Joe Jervis pointed out the other day that, in supporting Augusta State University grad student Jennifer Keeton, the Ku Klux Klan is on the same side as Peter LaBarbera.  This is a true statement.  Indeed, this is his entire statement that referred to LaBarbera:

Peter LaBarbera and the KKK, both on the same side of hate. Feels like a perfect match.

Peter’s response?  Melodramatic, overblown and completely hysterical.  Hilarious [sic throughout, obviously]:

Wow. The analytical powers of atheist, homosexual perversion-defender Joe Jervis’ (of the Joe. My. God. blog) are in full display as he exposes the sinister, long-concealed ”truth” that AFTAH has been trying to hide for decades — that we are aligned with the … KKK … yeah, that’s it … the KKK! Joe alone had the analytical skills to pull together the story: AFTAH (and by extension FRC, AFA, Liberty Counsel, ADF, PFOX, etc.) have partered with the Klan to stop gay equality!!

Wow, like…I know you are but what am I?

Joe didn’t say Peter was “aligned” with the KKK, nor did he say that they had “partered” with him.  He merely pointed out, as I have, that they are on the same side on this issue, and that groups like Peter’s and PFOX are working with approximately the same moral authority as the Ku Klux Klan.

But I guess Joe’s words struck a nerve.

I jest, of course. But Joe is serious–that’s the sad part. (Apparently he didn’t get the memo that the first one to call the other guy a “Nazi” in a debate is the automatic loser

The Nazis were from Germany, Peter.  They’re different from the Ku Klux Klan, who agrees with you more than they disagree.  Watch this, because it’s funny:

that is, unless your opponent, like Wayne Besen, is actually behaving like a Nazi.)

He’s of course talking about the time Wayne stood outside a meeting where “ex-gay” leaders had just come back from Uganda, where they spread the bile that has contributed to the terrible situation for gays in that nation.  Peter likes to pretend Wayne was “screaming into a church service or something,” but that’s called lying, and lying is wrong.

Also:  I must have missed it in my history books, but I don’t think the Nazi Party was known for its peaceful, legal protests against oppression.

He’s so nervy here:

Such finely-honed logic. Such depth of reasoning and discernment. The nuances alone are worth pondering and studying for years to come. Joe, here’s the deal: your hatred of Americans For Truth and this writer (but more important, for the God who lovingly created you) is getting the best of you. Next time you set out to discredit AFTAH, try using a line of argumentation that wouldn’t embarrass a smart 5th-grader if he or she tried it.

Eh, again, Peter, all he said was that you and the KKK are on the same hateful side.  This is true.

Perhaps this would be a good time for the leader of one hate website to reflect on why he finds himself in such strong agreement with one of the most notorious hate groups in American history.