chasedelephantGreat, now they’re marketing hate speech at the Wal-Mart.  I understand that Wal-Mart caters to a certain, um, clientele, much of the time, but is this really necessary?

A children’s book written by the wife of anti-gay Standard of Liberty president Stephen Graham is being carried by over 100 Walmart stores. Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today’s Stampeding Sexuality by Janice Barrett Graham was written to “help shed the clear light of truth on today’s dark and tangled ideas about male and female, proper gender roles, the law of chastity, and the God-given sexual appetite,” according to Janice Graham in the book’s introduction.

“The number of our young people involved in sexual sins has greatly increased in recent years.  Some of the most stalwart-seeming youth find themselves involved in pornography, fornication, promiscuity, homosexuality, and the like,” Janice continued.

The Grahams claim that their son, Andrew, successfully changed his sexual orientation and is now a happily married man.

And Andrew wrote a book about being in the closet too!

Whatever happened to The Poky Little Puppy, which is still, by my expert opinion, the finest children’s book of all time?

Why do these bigots feel the need to plant the idea in their kids’ heads when they’re children that, if they happen to be gay, they’re evil?

And then, as Sarah Silverman said in her video, they’re just shocked when kids start bullying other kids to death for being gay.  Sarah’s right:  they learn it from watching the purported “adults” in their lives.  Adults like Janice Barrett Graham and her confused son.

Also, what on earth is up with that book cover?  Is the elephant gay?  If so, why is he not pink?  And why is he so menacing?  Is this what, in the author’s warped little mind, she thinks happened to her son?  Why is the kid unsupervised out in elephant-land?  These are important questions.

[h/t Queerty]

UPDATE: Hahahah, commenter Theresa on our Facebook page, in regards to this story:

“Yeah, Poky Little Puppy beats the hell out of Stampeding Jesus Sex Elephant. Sorry, Wal-Mart.”

Stampeding Jesus Sex Elephant is either the best name for a children’s book ever, or maybe a phenomenal name for a band.