All right, Weekly Round-Up, Random Ten, and then it’s Seacrest Out time for me.  Let’s hold hands and remember our week:

On the gay teen suicide issue, wingnuts are being predictably awful, depraved, smug, evil, mouthy, shocked! shocked!, stupid, mindnumbingly deranged, heterosupremacist, unspeakably vile, and basically smearing the blood on their hands all over the furniture.  Luckily, others are pushing back and handily, including a lot of great celebrities.  Exodus, for their part, will no longer be participating in the Day of Truth, damaging and evil as it is.  The opposition to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project has started to crop up, proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

Jim DeMint:  Idiot.  David Barton:  Mindnumbing in his idiocy.  Bryan Fischer:  Still a depraved idiot, who thinks it’s perfectly Christian to let houses burn down and kill puppies.  Fundamentalist Christians are still totally oppressed victims whose knees buckle at the thought of happy gays, but don’t worry, the Ku Klux Klan is here to help.

Also:  we talked/argued about the mid-term elections.  Go vote, people.

Wayne spoke in Arizona last night, Memphis is having a huge March for Gay Rights on Monday and the message of equality is even being taken to little towns in Arkansas.  Lastly, MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the big, hilarious “Lift My Luggage” protest against NARTH in Philadelphia on November 6.

Music this week is from one of my favorite artists of all time, Jill Sobule.  This is one of her old, old songs, and it popped back into my life a few weeks back, and I’ve kept it in the mix since then.  It’s sorta 80’s, and I love it.  It’s called “Tell Me Your Dreams,” and the original version is in the player.   Below that is a much more recent, acoustic performance of the song, and you can almost tell that Jill and the players sort of feel like they’re winging it, perhaps because she really doesn’t do the song very much anymore.  Anyway, it makes for a completely charming performance.  So we’ll start with that, hit shuffle and see where we are ten songs later.  More videos below the jump.

Jill Sobule – Tell Me Your Dreams

1. Hot Chip – “I Feel Better”
2. Brandi Carlile – “Dying Day”
3. CocoRosie – “The Moon Asked The Crow”
4. Starship – “Sara”
5. How To Destroy Angels – “BBB”
6. Soul Miner’s Daughter – “With Me” [Soul Miner’s Daughter, you will remember, is one of Jennifer Nettles’ early bands.  She is now, of course with a little outfit called Sugarland.]
7. My Brightest Diamond – “Golden Star”
8. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Gray Sunset”
9. Nina Simone – “Compassion”
10. No Doubt – “Don’t Speak”

Yeah yeah yeah,  I have Starship on my iTunes, go to hell.  I also, to be fair, have all the Jefferson Airplane, so it’s not pure cheese.

Soul Miner’s Daughter – “With Me”

Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond is one of the most exhilarating performers to watch. Seriously, you’ll see what I mean: