I just posted Dan Savage’s smackdown of an Evangelical Christian woman who feigns having her fee fees hurt because people are connecting the dots between children bullying gay kids and anti-gay adults.  “But I would never hurt nobody!”  Yes, you would, and you do, no matter how sweetly you think you do it, you do.

Continuing along those lines, here’s Michelangelo Signorile talking with “James,” who swears up and down that he would never hurt gay people, that he respects Mike, etc., but of course he believes all gays are going to hell.  He is so dense that he has no clue how this could be a sign that he fundamentally disrespects gay people and thus, is part of the problem.

I agree with Joe Sudbay here:  they have no concept of how pissed off we are right now.  I have never seen the LGBT writing community so universally pissed off, on such a deep level, about the same thing, and it’s a righteous reason — that of protecting our children.