Let’s see, what’s he mad about?

Enough is enough: from my Facebook page: No shame: HRC and other homosexual groups are exploiting the tragic suicides of sexually confused kids to attack religion.


Peter LaBarbera is mad at the Human Rights Campaign for telling the truth and drawing the very short line between churches and politicians [and the blurry line between] who spend their lives engendering hatred against gay people among the most easily led, least educated members of our society, and the easily predictable result — that gay kids end up getting the message very early, and so do their bullies, that they’re worth less than the rest of the population, that God made them evil, etc., which leads to a much higher depression and suicide rate among gay teens.

So, I’m guessing Peter is saying he doesn’t like having this blood on his hands?

Well, there’s one simple solution for that:  Millions have left the fundamentalist Christian lifestyle, and they’re happier, more well-rounded, more loving, and simply better people for it.  Just pray this simple prayer:

“If I only had a brain…”

God I’m sorry, that’s a song from The Wizard of Oz, not a prayer.

My bad.

Here’s Kathy Griffin explaining how the bigotry and hatred that comes from places like the Mormon church turns into “trickle down homophobia,” which ends with dead children’s bodies.  It’s very simple, and unlike “trickle-down economics,” it actually exists!