owens_hitch_toiletBob Owens is known on the internetz as the “Confederate Yankee.”  That’s him, in the picture on the right.  It’s either from his church directory, or maybe the guys at Sadly, No! made it.  Regardless, that is what he looks like.  He is double-plus unsmart, as the Sadly, No! archive of Bob Owens’s work demonstrates, thoroughly.

Anyway, here is what Bob Owens decided to say on Twitter, after Tyler Clementi killed himself:

Really sorry that kid committed suicide at Rutgers, but he took his own life. How much sympathy does he deserve for a stupid decision?

Yeah, y’all, this is what passes for “thought” on the wingnut side of the aisle.

Notice I didn’t say it passes for “humanity,” because that’s not one of their goals.

[h/t Media Matters & Alvin]