I have a feeling our readers of faith will appreciate this piece from John Shore over at HuffPost. He sets it up by explaining that among most Christians, the false and ridiculous idea that sexuality can be “changed,” is being largely rejected, to be replaced by a new argument:

Nowadays, the Christian refrain isn’t, “Stop being gay.” Now it is, “Stop acting gay.” They’ve given up trying to argue that the homosexual can change his or her sexual orientation: the complete failure of Christian Fix-a-Gay and Homo No’ Mo! programs—not to mention a universe of anecdotal and empirical evidence—have left them little choice. So they’ve changed their approach. Now the argument is … well, just like my emailer said: A homosexual struggling against the temptation to act homosexual is no different from anyone else struggling to resist a sinful temptation.

Christians love this new argument. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it ten thousand times. We all have. You whisper “gay” into the ear of a sleeping Christian, and there’s an excellent chance they’ll just start saying it in their sleep. “Just like any other sinful temptation. We’re all sinners. Must resist.”

And putting your brain to sleep before you say that is the very best way to say it, too. Because it could only make sense to a brain-dead person. It’s just . . . too stupid for words.

But lemme try anyway.

And he does. Read it all. Seriously. It’s that good.