In a comment on the NOM blog, Maggie Gallagher had this to say about the spate of gay teen suicides this month:

The suicide of that teen was not only a tragedy it was a crime. The young people who violated laws out of mindless desire to bully or embarrass or whatever the heck kids do this stuff will be prosecuted and probably jailed, I hope.

Nothing in the press accounts suggest the kids who did this were motivated by homophobia, and the cruelty of cyberbullying is causing teen suicides among those who are not gay, as well:

I do not think the absence of gay marriage is the cause of these tragedies or its presence will resolve them.

We can make this a symbol of all our other fights, or we can try to save all our kids, gay and straight, from this kind of ugly and mindless cruelty.

My heart goes out to the family of the young man. God bless him and them.

Shorter Maggie Gallagher: “That’s sad and all, but I’m going to keep spending my life trying to hurt those kids and their families, because I’m an entirely pigheaded individual who isn’t capable of ruminating over the consequences of my actions, and because I have very little connection with the real world, instead choosing to battle my own personal demons in the public square.”

In the future, Maggie:  Don’t talk unless you can do it without pissing on fresh graves.

[h/t Tintin at Sadly, No!]