What Jane says here is so true.  Part of it is society and the messages we send.  Part of it is the Religious Right, and the way they poison people’s minds against innocent kids who are different.  Part of it is the parents, who turn a blind eye to the actions of their snowflake babies, because all lil’ darlin’s are perfect, “just being kids,” etc.  Part of it is the schools, who are often too underequipped or too apathetic to deal with the problem of bullying.

But part of it is that, in this country, kids who are gay look out at a confusing world and see that people, and their government, seem to be hellbent on making sure that they, before they even have a chance to spread their wings and fly, aren’t given a chance at the fullest, happiest life that their straight peers are.  On the governmental level, and on every other level, this has to change.

[h/t Joe Sudbay]

Could the White House please say something?  No, not later, NOW.

By the way, if any readers are teachers or know teachers, the Southern Poverty Law Center is offering a free educational kit on bullying for teachers and students.  For information on how to get it for your school, click this clicky.