Vox Day is an idiot.  Seriously.  Sadly, No! has untold numbers of posts detailing the moronic spew that comes out of that writer’s cheeto fingers on a daily basis, so I won’t delve into the record too deeply.  If you want a for instance, he once drew a parallel between forced clitorectomies in Africa and parents sending their children to public schools in the United States.

Wing.  Nut.

But now Vox Day has decided to blame Tyler Clementi’s suicide on, yes, the gay rights movement.  [Wayne, I might get mad in a minute, so…]  Let’s look at it:

It was obvious from the start that the orientationally-challenged activists would attempt to blame Clementi’s death on his roommate. But the surreptitious filming of sexual activity, while an obvious breach of etiquette as well as the law in some states, is neither uncommon nor tantamount to attempting to destroy someone’s life. Nor should the online streaming be considered anything but a joke;

Ha ha!  Some would consider it a form of rape, but…

The problem is not that American university campuses are intolerant of the orientationally challenged, as the subtext of the media coverage suggests, but rather that they are much too tolerant.

Right, if only they had hated gays a little bit more at Rutgers…

It is obvious that Clementi didn’t kill himself simply because his actions were made public; as a musician, no doubt he had been filmed before and some of those films may have even been put online. He killed himself because he could not live with the shame of knowing that everyone would be aware of his submission to what he apparently believed to be evil desires. While giving in to our desire for evil is something that we all do from time to time, it is also true that some desires happen to be more shameful or humiliating than others.

I wonder what created a climate that would have put in Tyler’s head the asinine notion that being gay is shameful!  I wonder!

While Clementi may have been taught that his desires were wrong, (we don’t have any details on his upbringing, but the last name suggests a Catholic heritage), he was also steeped in years of indoctrination telling him that his abnormal desires were perfectly right and should not be resisted. That is why he felt free to act on them as soon as he got to college and out from under his parents’ eyes.

Oh, bullshit!  The mere fact that the kid was so scared of being found out shows us that he was indeed indoctrinated by pig ignorant fools to believe that the sexuality that was natural for him was in some way evil.

Despite literal decades of preaching about the morality of homosexuality, despite the pansexual propaganda of the public and private schools, the knowledge that what he was doing was shameful and wrong still managed to penetrate Mr. Clementi’s mind.

Yeah, somehow unrepentant, uneducated bigots like Vox Day managed to damage Tyler Clementi.  I can’t imagine how.  I guess 13 year-old Seth Walsh was feeling the same way about his “shameful” actions.  And 14 year-old Asher Brown.  And 15 year-old Billy Lucas.  And really, Vox, Matthew Shepard had it coming, didn’t he?

If anyone other than Mr. Clementi should be blamed for his suicide, it is those who repeatedly encouraged him to behave in a way that would fill him with such guilt, remorse, and shame.

Commenters:  Please use all the words I am holding myself back from using right now, as freely as you’d like, about this repugnant boil on the grundle of humanity.