Instead of working within the realm of reality and getting behind efforts to get every person who engages in sex to take the proper precautions to protect against STD’s like AIDS, syphilis, Matt Barber instead chooses to remain within his little bigoted bubble and condemn all gay people instead.  This is nothing new.  I’m not quoting the meat of his piece, because everything he writes is stupid.  By his “logic,” the Christian Right ought to start an “ex-African” ministry, since their STD rates are through the roof.  But at the end, he puts on the veneer of fake Christian compassion and says this:

Do you consider yourself “gay” or lesbian? As untold thousands of ex-gays will tell you, you don’t have to be. It’s my most sincere prayer that going forward you’ll choose Christ over sin: Life over death.

You think sexual “freedom” makes you happy? You should experience the true freedom that comes through abiding in He who is “the way, the truth and the life.”

That’s liberation.

There’s that “untold thousands” line again. It’s “untold,” because it doesn’t exist.

But I guess any who see through Matt’s lies and choose to embrace themselves rather than Christian Right propaganda are free to kill themselves, aren’t they, Matt?

People like Matt Barber want nothing more than to see the eradication of homosexuality, and by their words on some subjects and their silence on others, we can see that they’re not too concerned by which particular means are employed to get rid of us.