Bryan Fischer is SO in love with Ann Coulter again, after her speech at HomoCon!  There’s only two quotes here that entertain me, so let’s look at them:

Ann took them straight on and gave them some straight talk I doubt they were ready for. There is no amount of sugar that will help this medicine go down … This from the keynote speaker at HomoCon, who got at least five figures to get right in the grill of her hosts.


Apparently Bryan Fischer, he of the American Family Association, weird hair and Idaho pedigree, talks street when he’s happy.  Good to know.

You are no longer the “Joan of Arc of homosexuality,” as I described you last month, you are now Daniella of the Lion’s Den. Good on ya, lass.

Yeah, if Daniel had taken home a big fat check for going to the lion’s den…

Also, funny how wingnuts are so obsessed with genitals that he has to feminize “Daniel” in order to make the comparison.  Can’t have a Christian fundamentalist wingnut getting caught comparing a woman to a man favorably, can we?

Anyway, the rest of his words are unimportant.