Finally, Peter is providing content to mock again!  Lately he’s just been copy/pasting bullroar from his wingnut “news sources,” and he does that here too, but this time he actually decided to give us three whole paragraphs of his own words, which…

Well, it feels like Crimmus is here, early.

Let’s go:

Dear Readers,

Oh god, it’s a blog, and moreover, it’s basically a Wingnut LiveJournal.  It’s not worthwhile work.  No need to be so formal.

We hate to rely on a story by AP (Always Politically Correct)

Wouldn’t that be “APC”?

but our friends at AFA’s OneNewsNow did so and we will as well.  I have not yet read the details of this latest homosexuals-in-the-military case.

To be fair, he doesn’t know the details of the last one either.  It’s Jonah Goldberg-style journalism:  “I don’t know jack about this subject, but let me explain you it anyway.”

But I do know this: as with the rest of society, when everyday officers and servicemembers imbibe the “new” American morality (which is at its core merely a rejection of God and true, biblically-based morality) and defend open homosexuality in the ranks, it undermines the preservation of a noble military.

Yeah, people with knowledge of the subject disagree, as do the militaries in every other grown-up country in the world.

That is just another way of saying that a degraded military reflects a degraded society.

Why does Peter LaBarbera hate the military so much?  It protects his right to run a SPLC-certified hate website from his own private suburban dungeon.  You’d think he would love the military, you know?

When the practice of homosexuality — once widely regarded as sinful and abhorrent, deviant, and a sign of bad character

Yeah, well, black people were once widely regarded as “slaves” and Christian women were regarded as “property,” anyway, yes, Peter, you were saying?

becomes a trivial matter, it is not surprising that efforts to disconnect it from punishment will gain in popularity.

Peter thinks gays should be “punished.”  Perhaps with supplies he’s purchased at leathersex festivals?

These efforts will be abetted by corrupt, liberal judges who yearn to make law — not interpret it — because

Oh Jesus, Peter, you are so out of your league.  If the law were as simple as wingnuts think it is on these matters, it wouldn’t have to be “interpreted” at all.

well, because they think they’re smarter than the rest of us, and even smarter than lawmakers.

They are.

Hence the successful “gay” campaign to decriminalize anti-sodomy laws. (Cunning homosexual activists took it up a notch by making their favored perversion the basis for a new brand of “civil rights” — one that apparently even supersedes the rights of moral citizens to act based on their disagreement with this disordered lifestyle.)

God, Peter, your personal pain is so 2003.

But yes, you are right, Peter.  People’s equal rights do supersede the bitching and moaning of willfully stupid bigots.  No one’s going to take away your right to be a bigot, though.  You’re just not going to be able to do anything about the fact that lots of people you hate will get to enjoy the same rights as you do.  Deal with it.

America does not need a post-moral military, but it may be what we deserve.

I give him five years to go full metal Phelps.  Seriously.  Public opinion is leaving him behind too quickly.  He’s going to snap, y’all.

The irony is that if President Obama and his determined “queer” allies succeed in turning our Armed Forces into a driving force for immorality, it will only hasten the deterioration of our culture to the point, ultimately, where weapons and soldiers cannot save us from oblivion.


If America rejects God, her prospects are dim.

Oh, because his functionally illiterate understanding of a faith book written in ancient languages, the alphabets of which he couldn’t recite if you paid him, says so.

Gotcha.  I guess it would be one thing if he had proof for anything he said about that book, but then again, he’s not writing for a Deep Thinking Audience.

Anyway, YAY, PETER, write in your own words more!

We find it enjoyable.