You didn’t think I forgot, did you?  Nah.  It’s just on Wonkette, silly!  Here’s your preview, and then click the clicky to read the rest:

When GOProud, the only American group catering to the feelings of wingnut butt goblins, announced that they were going to have a big “HomoCon” party this past weekend, the Internet said “whatever” and went back to fantasizing about Justin Bieber.  When it was announced that the expired entertainer known as “Ann Coulter” would be headlining, and moreover that they were referring to her as “The Judy Garland of the Right,” the Internet stopped and laughed, as she, with her appearance, caused the Gayest Wingnut Slapfight Ever, as wingnuts of all shapes and sexual malfunctions sniped at each other over who Ann Coulter loves more:  GOProud or the bigots?  That was the question.


[Wonkette: HomoCon Attendees’ Nipples Still Hard From Ann Coulter’s Anti-Gay Slurs]