Cutting out a bit early today, so here’s your Weekly Round-up and your Late Friday Random Ten.

Let us remember the week that was, together:  First off, Wayne was on Rachel Maddow last Friday night!  It went great.  On a smaller scale, I was randomly on David Pakman’s Midweek Politics with David Pakman, and it also went great.  I sounded gay.

Speaking of gays [imagine that], gays can kiss longer than straight people, so nyah.  Good thing, because two polls now show that marriage equality has majority support, so there’s a lot of kissyface in our future.  The Religious Right are victims now, in Canada and Indianapolis, where they were asked to make gay cupcakes.  I discussed the need for minorities to stand up for each other, specifically as regards moderate and liberal Muslims vis a vis the gay community.  Oh, and I went off on Chris Barron of GOProud, which led to a Twitter Fight, which led to a nice discussion about BBQ.  He’s a fun sparring partner, I’ll give him that.

Bishop Eddie Long:  gay sex scandal.  John Boehner:  maybe straight sex scandal.  Who knows?  It would be nice if he or the alleged mistress would answer “yes” or “no.”

DADTFail 2010:  Lady Gaga tried to help, Peter Sprigg grunted and moaned about it a lot, then Thers and I laughed at him.  Bryan Fischer also grunted and moaned.  Laughed at him, too.  Susan Collins sucked, as did almost everybody else in the Senate, and in the end it was a big serving of fail all around.  After the vote, John McCain lost his marbles, thanks to a good serving of the old “Eleveld,” which is the new word for “journalist.”  Wayne recapped it here, and we looked at Leonard Matlovich’s tombstone, poignant as it is.

Then a crazy guy in Saxby Chambliss’s office decided to leave threatening anti-gay comments on JoeMyGod, so that was embarrassing for big old homophobe Saxby.  Speaking of homophobes, HomoCon is tomorrow!  YAY!  Okay, that’s all.

Music this week is from that old gay classic musical RENT.  I happened to be listening to the Original Cast recording last night, and I really don’t have to set it up for you, because you’re all gay and stuff, so you can probably sing the entire show all the way through in your sleep, and some of you probably know the blocking.  Anyway, one of my very favorite moments in all of musical theater is after the first “La Vie Boheme“, when Mimi and Roger sing “I Should Tell You” to each other. [Insert flutter, sigh and single tear here.]   So we’ll start with that, hit shuffle on the old iTunes machine and, oh look, it’s like, my favorite Tori Amos song ever, and also some other stuff.  More videos after le jump.

1.  Jay Brannan – “Bowlegged and Starving”
2. Tokyo Police Club – “Tessellate” [Remix by Tom Campesinos!]
3. Banjo or Freakout – “Joy to the World”
4. 10,000 Maniacs – “Gold Rush Brides”
5. Tori Amos – “Lust”
6. Fever Ray – “If I Had A Heart”
7. Lightning Dust – “Never Seen
8. U2 – “Numb”
9. David Mead – “Girl on the Roof”
10. Port O’Brien – “In the Meantime”