Nothing is confirmed yet, but we’ll stay on this.  If any of you out there are “internutz smart,” go help out in Joe’s comments section:

The above comment was left today by “Jimmy” on my post about the DADT cloture vote. The IP address *appears* to resolve to the neighborhood of GOP U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ Atlanta office. The ISP is “United States Senate.” I’m confident that the JMG internet sleuths can get to the source.

Here’s the IP: Get busy, geeks!

If so, wow.

UPDATE: Not Chambliss’s office.  Johnny Isakson’s office.  The OTHER Republican Senator from Georgia:

According to a friend of JMG reader Sean Chapin, the comment appears to have actually come from the Atlanta office of Sen. Johnny Isakson, the OTHER Republican Senator in Georgia, whose offices are not far from Sen. Chambliss’. Dennis writes:

“First I did a WHOIS lookup on the address and found out that it belonged to the US Senate. Then I did a trace on the IP and got the latitude, longitude and city location for the IP. Once I had the city, I did a search on senate offices and started with the one that came out on top which was Isakson’s. Once I had the address of his office, I pulled up the latitude and longitude info for it and found that it matched those of the IP.”

Joe’s got a bunch of screenshots, etc. Go see for yourself.