UPDATE: The vote fails 56-43.  The United States Senate remains the most incompetent, useless debating body on the face of the earth.  Of course, it would help if the President would lift a finger, instead of letting himself be shown up by a pop star.  Of course, if this were reversed, and the Democrats were filibustering a bill for defense spending, the wingnut trolls would be screaming to high heaven on Fox News about how unpatriotic the Democrats were for Not Supporting The Troops.  But instead, we’re dealing with the Democratic party, which cannot, shall not, will not take its own side in an argument, no matter the cost, so we have a situation where the supposedly “Pro-Murka” GOP is filibustering defense spending [my god], and they’re getting away with it.

UPDATE II: By the way, I’m hearing that GOProud is saying that Lady Gaga should have had her rally in Nevada, because Harry Reid voted no.  I’m not sure whether GOProud is full of morons [they are], or they think that other wingnuts are stupid [they are], but Reid’s vote was procedural.  Jeez.