From Thers at Whiskey Fire, who totally defines himself by his straight sexuality, in reference to the Peter Sprigg DADT whine that I smacked around earlier.  Here’s the Sprigg passage he’s reacting to:

First, the issue is homosexual conduct, not “identity.”

Often, people describe the current law as preventing people from serving in the military because of “who they are” or preventing those already in the military from being “honest about who they are.” Yet it is odd for people to define “who they are” on the basis of their preferred sexual conduct.

And here’s what the ever-quotable Thers said in reply:

“Who I am” is a generally kind of boring straight guy in an upstate New York suburb (well, sort of, there are cows across the road) with (counting on fingers) three children at home and a lovely stepdaughter currently away working at DisneyWorld. (Rilly.) Now, I don’t want to shock anyone, but (whispers) my wife and I are fucking. Well, as best we can manage. (I mentioned the three children at home…)

The point is, it is not “odd” at all for “people to define who they are on the basis of their preferred sexual conduct.” My own sexual conduct just doesn’t happen to piss off bigots, which is, frankly, my only complaint about it.

And that is why you should all be reading Thers daily.  And really, read his entire Sprigg take-down.  It’s fun all the way through.