Think Progress has compiled the most exhaustive list of weird/crazy quotes from Christine O’Donnell, and it’s worth perusing. This is Bachmann-level wingnuttery, right here. Here are my ten favorites that haven’t been posted here yet:

O’Donnell warned coed dorm rooms will lead to ‘orgy rooms.’ Quoted in a Washington Times article which noted, “Dorm life has evolved into a blending of the sexes, from coed buildings to coed floors, coed bathrooms and now even coed rooms,” O’Donnell commented, “What’s next? Orgy rooms? Menage a trois rooms?” [Washington Times, 9/18/03]

O’Donnell warned there’s ‘a connection’ between ‘freak dancing’ and ‘date rape.’ “What freak dancing is isn’t just like the safety of mosh pitting. This is sexually explicit activity for minors. We do limit the expression of minors. There are drinking laws. There are — you have to be 18 to smoke. You can’t go to school in a bikini. On one hand you have people saying this is squelching their freedom. And then you scratch your head and say, ‘Look over here. Date rape is such an epidemic.’ There’s a connection. And if people realize there’s a connection, then they’ll realize that these limitations and restrictions exist for a very valid reason.” [O’Reilly Factor, 9/22/06]

O’Donnell believes that spouses who have been cheated on possess compromised ‘purity.’ O’Donnell wrote in an article published in Cultural Dissident, “When a married person uses pornography, or is unfaithful, it compromises not just his (or her) purity, but also compromises the spouse’s purity.” [TPM, 9/7/10]

O’Donnell believes women do not enjoy sex, using it only as a means to love. “Women play sex to get love. Men play love to get sex.” [Fox News, 8/2/03]

O’Donnell warned that allowing women to attend military academies ‘cripples the readiness of our defense.’ “By integrating women into particularly military institutes, it cripples the readiness of our defense,” O’Donnell has said. She also argued that West Point “has had to lower their standards … in order for men and women to compete” [Politico, 9/16/10]

O’Donnell excused gay bashing as ‘kids being kids.’ Asked about disparaging comments children had made about a gay peer, O’Donnell dismissed it, saying, “It’s kids being kids, that’s it.” [Hannity & Colmes, 7/19/00]

O’Donnell believes AIDS victims should not be called ‘victims,’ and that too much money goes to fighting the disease. Appearing on C-SPAN in 1997, O’Donnell said calling them “AIDS victims” is “the kind of spinning with words and manipulating words that empowers the bias when it comes to AIDS.” O’Donnell also complained that “there is a gross disproportionate allocation of funds” going to AIDS treatment and prevention in comparison to resources designated to combat heart disease. O’Donnell suggested people change the “lifestyle” (i.e. homosexuality) that she said leads to AIDS.” [TPM, 9/15/10]

O’Donnell is so fervently pro-truth that she wouldn’t lie to Nazis looking for Jews in her home. Appearing on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, O’Donnell explained the importance of truth-telling, refusing to even entertain the notion of lying when a gust asked if she would tell the truth Nazis looking for Jews hiding in her home. “I believe if I were in that situation, God would provide a way to do the right thing righteously. I believe that! … You never have to practice deception” [ThinkProgress, 9/15/10]

O’Donnell warned that the ACLU is trying to ‘institute a communist country.’ “In the guise of so-called freedom of separation of church and state, they’re trying to institute a communist country and that sounds radical but that’s the truth. I mean why aren’t they trying to take out, you know, thou shall not kill? That’s a religious concept. That’s a commandment. Why are they not taking that our of our legal system.” [Savage Nation, 5/24/03]

O’Donnell found the Middle East’s censorship ‘refreshing.’ “I’ll tell you, I just came back from the Middle East, and it was refreshing. With all that is going on, it was refreshing not to be constantly bombarded with smut all the time.” [MSNBC, 3/23/04]

There are oh, so many more at Think Progress, so if you’re interested, click over.