What can be said about this week that doesn’t involve either Christine O’Donnell or Lady Gaga?  Very little, so let’s not try.

Lady Gaga went to the VMAs with soldiers discharged under DADT;  then she carried it further by calling on her “Little Monsters” to call their Senators, so they did; then she taught everybody a civics lesson, explaining to an uninformed American public what a “filibuster” is; and then she talked directly to the Senate via a recorded video, and encouraged people to continue calling their Senators.

Christine O’Donnell:  Supports ex-gay ministries, hates diddly fingers and pocket pool, dropped a friend like a hot rock when he stopped pretending to be “ex-gay,” and is generally insane in a bunch of other ways, but don’t worry, one self-loathing gay man hearts her.

Otherwise:  Charlie Crist is trying to be gay for gay rights now.  We had a long discussion about whether “homosexual” is a good word or a bad word.  John McCain is a homophobic phony.  Every Catholic congregation in Belgium has been affected by child molestation, which should give Bill Donohue pause before he starts mouthing off about Hitler being an atheist.  Hitler was of course, Catholic, like Bill Donohue.  Cindy Jacobs saved the lesbians AND the internet, before lunch.  South Carolina Republicans:  still racist.  Wayne explained why we’re still not winning the War on Terror.  Bryan Fischer is trying to explain how he’s not anti-Muslim or anti-gay by being MORE anti-Muslim/anti-gay.  Lou Engle’s IHOP is finally being sued by the pancake IHOP.  Some coach in Kentucky likes coaching basketball, as long as his girls aren’t lesbians.  And later tonight, the wingnuts at the Values Voters Summit are going to have movie-time!

Music this week comes from Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, for two reasons:  A. Sharon is awesome. If you like neo-soul/blues/whatever, and ladies with big voices, you will like Sharon. B. I’m going to see her live this weekend, and I’m giddy with anticipation. The songs we’ll start with are “How Long Do I Have To Wait For You?” and “Tell Me.” The first one has shown up in a Late Friday Random Ten before, and I try not to repeat things, but I don’t care, because I make the rules. So let’s listen to these two amazing songs, and then we’ll hit shuffle on the second one and see what the iTunes [which crashed this week, which caused me to have about three panic attacks as I rebuilt the library] does. More videos after the jump.

1. Mount Eerie – “Between Two Mysteries”
2. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Widow Wake My Mind”
3. Loretta Lynn – “High On A Mountain Top”
4. We Were Promised Jetpacks – “Roll Up Your Sleeves”
5. The Sundays – “24 Hours”
6. Suzanne Vega – “Frank & Ava”
7. Alicia Keys – “If I Ain’t Got You”
8. The Silent League – “Yours Truly, 2095 [Memory Tapes Version]”
9. Suckers – “Easy Chairs”
10. The Morning Benders – “Excuses”