1392964_origAnd now, introducing a particularly unintelligent bigot named Jaye Collins, who is a basketball coach in Kentucky for high performing female athletes:

I started the Lady Legends program with the support of my wife, Kari, in hopes of encouraging young girls to be proud and secure in not being part of the lesbian and homosexual lifestyle which is so prevalent in woman’s/girl’s athletics. Many girls, as early as middle school, are being influenced or “tested”, or converted and convinced that if they play sports, specifically basketball, they must be, should be, or need to be gay.

I believe that we should encourage girls to glorify God and please Jesus Christ in their decision making processes. I know this is not the socially accepted or politically correct perspective, but our goal is H.O.O.P.S…..Helping Others Obtain Personal Salvation.

Some of your girls are lesbians anyway.

That being said, Cyd Ziegler at OutSports asks the pertinent question:

What athlete, male or female, is being told they need to be gay if they want to play sports?

Yeah, I really do not know, Cyd!  I mean, sure, there are gay athletes and straight athletes and bisexual athletes, but their sexuality really doesn’t have anything to do with their athletic ability!

This is what happens when you cling to pig-ignorant, debunked worldviews.