This rant is pretty righteous.  I’m going to excerpt some of it, but you really need to read it in its full glory:

Another teenager killed himself because of bullying and anti-gay harassment. This one was in Minnesota, and his name was Justin Aaberg. The local news report is here. School officials, wary of conservative protests, did nothing.

This comes on the heels of the suicide of another teenager in Indiana, one who never actually said whether he was gay but who was mercilessly harassed nonetheless. His name was Billy Lucas. The local news report is here. Again, school officials did nothing.


Focus on the Family, a right-wing lobbying group that fronts as a religious organization, pays lip service to the bullying issue, but wants no mention of homosexuality in schools because it might encourage kids to be gay — this in spite of the fact that the vast majority of bullying is directed at teens who either appear to be gay or are actually out, not those who are fat or wear glasses.


Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and similar groups don’t actually give a damn about these kids or their families. They couldn’t care less how many of them are beaten within an inch of their lives or actually take their own lives. What matters to them is power, influence, and promoting an extreme religious agenda to help them hang on to said power and influence. They are deathly afraid that some of the kids might not grow up to be as bigoted as they are.

What did I say earlier today?  The same exact thing.

All of that is just build-up though, to this:

Lost in the hysteria of Quran-burning and mosque-building is the clear and present danger to our youth, and society in general, by these American “religious” organizations, their teachings, their agenda and their political influence with equally insane right-wing politicians, who callously turn away when the clear evidence of the atmosphere they help create manifests itself. In the name of Almighty God, they are evil. How about some good old Tea-Party-type energy directed against these people?

What’s the difference between the Taliban and the Focus on the Family? About 7000 miles.

AMEN.  And bravo.