First, an exquisite rant from John Cole. I’m going to quote liberally here:

I’m seriously psyched about all these teahadist victories, and I want each and everyone of you to vow to help me to never let anyone forget that the jerkoffs at Reason have been pimping the tea parties from day one. I wonder how Angle, O’Donnell, and Miller feel about marijuana legalization, John Stagliano’s occupation, torture, civil liberties, no-knock raids, warrantless wiretaps, military adventurism, and all those things you all pretend to care about?

Oh, you’re gonna get your limited government, Christian style, and you’re gonna get it good, you morons- I may even chip in for the wetsuits and dildo for you special cases at Hit and Run. I can’t blame crazy people for being bat shit crazy, but I sure as hell can heap some scorn on pricks like the Reason writers for running rhetorical cover for the lunatics and helping to mainstream their insanity (I know, I know- you don’t PERSONALLY believe Obama is a Kenyan!). Y’all might as well write for Red State.

I just hope you chumps lose the leather jackets and designer wayfarer prescription specs, because those look vaguely French. Your days of esoterically talking about the virtues of Ayn Rand at DC wine and cheese parties are over, because you’re now bitches for Real ‘Murrika. Yeefuckinghaw! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.


Real ‘Murrika indeed.

It’s going to be fun watching the Villager media try to explain away their asinine narrative that “The teabaggers aren’t about social conservatism, just limited gubmint!”

The GOP have chosen their candidates, and it’s a veritable Funny Farm of the biggest morons ever to grace these United States.  And any LGBT voter who has stupidly fallen into the trap of the teabagger cries of “Freedom and liburtee!” needs to just get used to the idea that if it takes one second longer for gays and lesbians to move into first class citizen status, resulting from the possible election of an unhinged loon like Sharron Angle, we shall not be forgetting any time soon.

Of course, the GOP voters in Delaware chose Christine O’Donnell, so everybody better keep their hands where we can see them.  Here’s Christine’s anti-masturbation video from the 1990’s:

Yes, Christine, why are you in the picture, indeed?

The mid-terms are going to be hilarious.

MEANWHILE, the Democratic nominee for the House in Rhode Island’s 2nd is the openly gay mayor of Providence, David Cicilline, so that’s pretty awesome.

[h/t Blue Texan,  watertiger and Joe Sudbay]