Pander, pander.  Charlie Crist has released a new position paper on LGBT rights.  It’s mostly good, but stops short of supporting marriage equality, sort of like the President:

Civil Unions

I believe that the government should not make it harder for people to take care of their loved ones. I believe civil unions
that provide the full range of legal protections should be available to gay couples. That includes access to a loved one in
the hospital, inheritance rights, the fundamental things people need to take care of their families.

Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)

I support strong anti-discrimination laws including ENDA. Employment and advancement should be based on skill and
merit, not hindered by prejudice of any kind.

Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I’m a strong supporter of the men and women of our military. Those willing to risk their lives to defend our country should not be compelled to lie to do so. I support the current efforts by Congress and military leadership to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and hold every member of the military to the same standard of professionalism that has made our military the greatest force for good in the world.

Federal Safe Schools Improvement Act

As Commissioner of Education I was the first statewide official to support anti-bullying protections that specifically
enumerated the most frequent manifestations of bullying in our schools. Everyone who has children or who has worked
with students knows that anti-gay taunts are used relentlessly on our campuses. We need to address the epidemic of
bullying and create safe learning environments for every single student.

Every Child Deserves a Family Act

We need to take politics out of adoption decisions. That is why I oppose Florida’s current law that requires Family Law
judges to ignore what is right for a child in order to adhere to what Florida law blindly demands. There is only one
question that matters: What is in the best interest of that child?

The Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act

I’ve been a consistent supporter of providing legal protections for gay couples. Like most Americans I believe the
government should make it easier, not harder, for people to take care of their loved ones.

Uniting American Families Act

Family reunification has been the foundation of U.S. immigration law but U.S. citizens who are gay cannot sponsor their
partners for family-based immigration. As a consequence, many same-sex, bi-national couples are kept apart or torn apart sometimes even separating parents from their children. This bill, which I support, humanely addresses a problem that disproportionately impacts Floridians.

Equal Access to COBRA Act

I strongly support this act which mandates that employees, their partners and dependent children be allowed to continue participation in their employer-sponsored health coverage.

Appropriations for HIV/AIDS Programs

I believe we must make combating HIV/AIDS a priority by harnessing all possible resources to prevent new infections,
provide meaningful access to quality care and treatment, boost research to find a cure and address the global crisis.

Sounds to me like somebody has been reading the polls which show that Democrat Kendrick Meek has little chance of winning in a three way race, and is trying to find some gay voters to help him beat wingnut Marco Rubio. These positions are mostly good, of course, but the question, of course, is whether a Senator Charlie Crist would stick to these positions if elected.

[h/t Liz Newcomb @ AmBlogGay]