Though oceans may separate them, wingnuts of all lands have one thing in common — they’re all sophomoric babies.  Hemant Mehta gives the background on this story:

Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir is the prime minister of Iceland — she’s the world’s first openly gay PM, married to Jónina Leósdóttir, and she and her wife recently visited the Faroe Islands “to try to boost political and cultural ties between the neighbouring territories.”

Jenis av Rana is a member of Parliament and leader of the fundamentalist Christian political party, Midflokkurin.

It seems that there was a state dinner in the Faroe Island capital of Tórshavn.

Av Rana refused to attend, though, because the lesbians were coming.

Then the Irish Times picks up:

[T]he visit was marred by a snub by Jenis av Rana, an MP and leader of Midflokkurin, a fundamentalist Christian party, who refused an invitation to a state dinner in Tórshavn, the Faroese capital, because Ms Sigurdadóttir was accompanied by her wife.

Mr av Rana said the presence of Jónina Leósdóttir at the state dinner was “a provocation”. Long-time partners Ms Sigurdardóttir and Ms Leósdóttir were married in their native Reykjavik in June this year on the same day a new law making Iceland the 10th country in the world allowing full same-sex marriages took effect.

A provocation?! The Prime Minister of the nation BROUGHT HER SPOUSE and it was a provocation?! Look, I know that your Truth Wins Out has a case of the Mondays right now, but I really don’t even know what to say to this.

Mr av Rana, who is also a general practitioner and a preacher, pointed out that his political party is formally opposed to homosexuality.

“Were I to participate in the official dinner, it would be the same as saying that I support a union that is contrary to nature and condemned by the Bible. And that’s something I will not risk under any circumstances,” he said.

Mr av Rana’s traditionalist views were echoed by parliamentarians in other parties. Gerhard Lognberg, a social democrat, said that while he was not invited to the dinner he was unsure if he would have attended had the offer been made.

Accepting the dinner invitation, he said, was tantamount to accepting gay marriages.

You hear that? This Faroese MP is such a weak little fool that he’s unwilling to eat dinner with a woman who, hello, outranks him by quite a bit, because she’s bringing her wife.

The article does go on to point out that the Faroese Islands are known for being more socially conservative than Iceland or the Scandinavian countries, but their politicians need to grow into full adults if they expect to be treated as such. The female prime minister of Iceland has a wife. Deal with it.