Get this lady some smelling salts!

Outrageous. Unbelievable. Our armed forces are fighting the enemy overseas while this lunatic judge behind our own lines decides to throw a hand grenade right into our own barracks,” said Robert Knight, senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries.

“The arrogance of this judge is stunning,” said Knight, an expert on homosexuality-related political issues and a long-time leader in the fight against homosexual activism.

“She has decided she is smarter than God, more than 1,163 retired generals and admirals who support the military’s policy, the hundreds of congressmen and senators who voted for the law in 1993 and generations of military leaders who believed that morality affects discipline and that homosexual conduct undermines military preparedness.”

Mon dieu! Robert Knight is so upset!

Eh, he’ll live.

[h/t Joe]