If Tony Perkins’ mouth is open, he’s lying.

That’s really all there is to say about this appearance by Tony Perkins on Trinity Broadcasting Network last night.

In the clip below, he defends “traditional mur’ge” by saying that “you can’t go wrong with God and history,” which is exactly what those who supported slavery said, strangely enough. He then, as the headline suggests, tells the elderly crowd in the studio and at home that, because Walker’s ruling found that people’s discriminatory beliefs hurt gays and lesbians, this would necessarily end religious freedom in the United States. Uh. No, Tony.

Theoretically Tony Perkins is not that stupid, so we must assume that he’s lying, and that he holds his followers in such contempt that he considers them stupid enough and easily enough led to believe something so preposterous.

Then the hosts and Tony engage in a mutually satisfying Stupid-Off where they express shock and awe over the existence of the judicial system, as if it’s something unilaterally imposed on the United States in the past four months.

If you want to watch the whole episode, there’s fifteen more minutes of Tony Perkins running his mouth over at Jeremy’s place.