The National Organization for Marriage:  So impotent and desperate these days that they’re picking out random votes from over a decade ago and begging, just begging for us to pay attention.

This ad comes from NOM offshoot One Man, One Woman.  Mainly they want people to go after Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold.  Fat chance, as Boxer’s opponent is Carly “I Ran Hewlett-Packard Into the Ground” Fiorina and, though Feingold’s race suddenly looks competitive, I’m not buying it, and others aren’t either:

[h/t Jeremy]

Hey Maggie and Brian: Maybe people would pay attention to you if you burned a Q’uran. I know you like to hide your hatred a little better than that, but really, your work is approximately the same as the Q’uran burners’ work, so…just a thought.