There’s much to disagree with in Meghan McCain’s politics, but she’s one of the growing number of Republican celebrities who are decidedly to the left of most of the Democratic party establishment on little things like marriage equality. Here she is promoting her new book Dirty, Sexy Politics on Rachel Maddow last night.

Money quote:

“I don’t know why it’s so shocking that you can believe in … small government and conservative beliefs but think that your gay friends have the right to get married.  And for me, it’s just a civil rights issue.  I believe in freedom on a very basic level, and I think that you can’t live in a country and claim it to be free if I have different rights than you do.”

Damn.  Also, this subtle laugh-out-loud moment, about Rand Paul’s interview on Rachel Maddow, where he stated his “academic opposition” to the Civil Rights Act:

“I think the Rand Paul interview was an example of why Libertarianism is logical in a classroom, and not really applicable in real life.”


Also, she’s finally dishing, for real, about Sarah Palin, which is fun for the whole family!

[h/t Joe]