In all those battles to defeat anti-gay constitutional marriage amendments at the state and national level, millions of dollars were drained from the LGBT community. This was money given by wealthy donors that could have gone to gay causes — or non-gay charities, such as feeding hungry children.

There were also tens of thousands of people without means that sacrificed comfort and quality of life to give what they could. They reached deep into their near-empty pockets to defeat the tyranny represented by Ken Mehlman, Karl Rove and George W. Bush’s anti-gay amendments. Surely, there were vacations not taken, meals not eaten, drug prescriptions not refilled for a few extra days — just so these good people could give a little in defense of their freedom.

Just something I began thinking about following Rich Tafel’s comments about Mehlman. I’m glad Mehlman made out like a bandit, but the rest of us lost money we could have used, while he advanced his career.