Here is a disturbing excerpt from Nicki Gostin’s Pop Eater interview with Geraldo Rivera:

I’m sorry, but I still find it fascinating that you are at FOX. Do you get along with Mike Huckabee?
He’s a great guy. Obviously I don’t agree with him on a lot of issues — abortion and immigration foremost — but he’s a wonderful guy. I would vote for him.

How could you vote for him if you disagree on key issues?
Because sometimes honor is more important and he is a very honorable guy. I consider myself an Obama Republican. I’m liberal to moderate on most issues.

What do you think of the Tea Party movement?
I think they are the most potent political force in the country today. It’s totally sapped the energy of the political dialogue in that the liberals have nothing to say except whine and complain and I think it bodes very ill for the mid-term elections for the democrats. I think they’re going to get routed. If the other side, the so called left doesn’t have a more articulate message then people are going to walk.

And on a lighter note: you were quite the ladies man back in the day. Want to give me a ball park figure?
No I can’t! The worst mistake I made when I wrote my book was naming names and it continues to haunt me but I’ve been married five times and you’ve never heard a bad word about me from any of my ex-wives.

Maybe working at FOX News is slowly brainwashing Rivera and he needs to hurry up and lock himself in Al Capone’s vault until he is deprogrammed.

I’d love to know what would preacher Mike Huckabee really believes about Rivera’s five wives?