amTalPolitically obsessed liberals are probably aware that Markos Moulitsas has a new book out, American Taliban, about the similarities between Islamic extremists and American Christian religious extremists.  The title is obviously hyperbolic for the purposes of making a point.  I haven’t read it, but I plan to pick it up.  If you’re on the fence, though, General JC Christian of Jesus’ General has posted his Amazon review, and he’d like you to help vote it up as the “Most Helpful Negative Review.”  Here’s a bit:

How dare the author compare the American right to the Taliban. Sure, we both hate sex, reproductive choice, secularism, government regulation, homosexualism, and masturbation. We both want to establish godly governments that enforce scriptural law. And, we both justify our wars on the basis of religion. But the similarities end there.

We fight our wars in the name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They fight their battles for Allah, a god who doesn’t even know how to transubstantiate or turn water into a party.

We want to impose God’s kingdom on Earth by passing biblically based sharia laws. The Koran serves as the basis of the Taliban’s law, and unlike the Bible, it offers no object lessons in which she-bears eat children or whole cities are smitten with hemorrhoids.

The Taliban punish OB/GYNs using crude, uncivilized methods like stoning. We shoot doctors from a distance with a modern high-powered rifle.

While we may demand that our women dress modestly, and enforce it by calling them sluts or blaming them when they are victims of rape, our burka is a more fashionable and procreation-friendly burka.


Heh.  The she-bear verses have always been among my favorites.