Writing today for Bay Windows, journalist Rex Wockner reported that the California Senate passed a resolution Aug. 30 condemning Uganda‘s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The vote was 21 – 14.

Sponsored by Equality California, the resolution calls upon the U.S. State Department to escalate efforts to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. It also “encourages a more careful review of all United States funding and resources given to faith-based organizations in foreign countries.”

The resolution says that “some United States-based religious leaders have been fomenting fear and discrimination against the…LGBT community in Uganda” and that “the links between some United States-based religious groups and the antigay bill…have been well-documented.”

“There is a growing movement, supported and funded by some United States-based religious groups, to further criminalize homosexuality globally,” the resolution states. “[T]he Senate calls upon the United States Department of State to censure American citizens and organizations who contravene American foreign policy by demonstrated exportation of fear and misinformation to other countries. …”