Here’s Ed Brayton’s “Dumbass Quote of the Day,” which comes from WingNutDaily’s Joseph Farah:

Legally speaking, though, even in an increasingly secular society like ours, there is a reason same-sex marriages could never be recognized. A marriage that is not consummated has long been considered incomplete, not deserving of any legal recognition whatsoever. A marriage union that remains unconsummated never happened in the eyes of the law. So please tell me how a same-sex couple consummates one of these make-believe marriages? Acts of sodomy were never considered consummation in the eyes of the law. Again, this suggests that whatever it is the homosexual activists are trying to achieve through their relentless campaign, it is not marriage.

Joseph Farah: Because his world loses all meaning when the genitals in the marital beds of people he doesn’t know don’t follow his preferred counts! One penis conquer one vagina! One penis of man with big porn-stache!

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