Oy vey.

What do I always say about wingnuts?  They are never, EVER just insane on one front.  Mat Staver and Matt Barber, both of the extremist,anti-gay Liberty Counsel, talked on the radio today about how they believe Barack Obama is positioning himself to become the “global dictator” out of some World of Warcraft scenario spoken about in the fictional Left Behind series.  (I won’t even call it “Biblical,” because the weird obsession with Revelation is a fairly new phenomenon, and primarily an American thing.)  Here’s what they said:

Staver: When President Barack Obama was running for president, when we became president, I’ve long since stated that his end game has and is not President of the United States of America; that he has a broader worldwide agenda. And that’s why he’s to go to places around the world and down the United States of America, because he thinks that’s going to gain him popularity in some of the other foreign areas. And that’s really where I think his eyes are focused, not on [being] President of the United States.

Barber: Now here’s the scary thing, I believe that that is true, but in order to have a post-American world, you have to have a post-America. And that’s why his policies are pushing us into a post-American world. He is destroying American exceptionalism and is trying to do away with our free market system here in the United States. He’s trying to create the climate where we have a post-American world.

Staver: Well, because America is always going to be, or at least it has been up until now, world player. And for him to be on the world scene, he’s going to have to bring America down to the level of some of the European and some other countries with regards to commonality. And America always had the exceptionalism and you can’t really have worldwide influence if you’ve got the America exceptional nation because you’re going to have to have them all basically on the same level.

So for him to go into this national, or global, leadership – which he wants to do – it’s no wonder why he wants to make America’s economy like the European economy; it’s no wonder why he wants to downplay Christianity so he can up-play Islam.

This man does not respect America. He never has.

Great.  Mat and Matt think Obama is The Boogeyman, that Barack Obama wants to take over the world, that he wants to destroy the United States, blah blah blah.  He’s The Brain, which I guess makes Rahm Emanuel Pinky.

What the hell?!

Now I understand why Kyle at Right Wing Watch was basically throwing his hands in the air after he posted on this.  These people are straight-up DSM-IV material.

I really, really wish they had gotten to argue in the Prop 8 case.  It would have been ten times as funny watching the judge tear the Liberty Counsel dinguses apart as it was with the Alliance Defense Fund.