What terrible/wonderful things happened this week? Let’s remember, together:

Glenn Beck had a rally, and one of the people in attendance would be happy if it wasn’t for all those homosexuals and blacks taking his jerb. Also upset about gays taking jerbs? Texas Governor Rick Perry. Charlie Crist is waffling back and forth on his sexuality his support for an anti-gay marriage amendment. The “grassroots” Tea Party is basically funded by two brothers, and one other guy. Exodus got kicked to the curb in New Zealand. Bryan Fischer’s Crusade Against the Anus continued apace. Focus on the Family is still lifting George Rekers’ luggage. Castro apologized, for something or other. This crazy Australian pastor thinks gay parenting will lead to lots of abortions, and we were not surprised to find out that he had spent a lot of time on his work computer doing “research” on porn. Wayne laid out a strategy for the Democrats to regain messaging capability with the American people. Peter LaBarbera: Still Crazy. Matt Barber: Even Crazier. Michele Bachmann’s husband: Whoa. Etc. Oh, and this just in: Focus on the Family wants you to know that God has a penis!

As for music this week, I’ve been listening to a lot of The Magnetic Fields lately.  If you’re not familiar, Stephin Merritt just might be our greatest living songwriter.  I’m not even exaggerating.  And, as this is a Gay Website, I should point out that Stephin Merritt is a Gay.  The lyrics of the two songs I’m posting couldn’t be more different (Google them, or listen closely), but for me, this week, they’re related for some reason.  So we’ll start with “Yeah!  Oh Yeah!” and “Papa Was A Rodeo,” and then, if you’re not all weeping after listening to the second song, we’ll hit shuffle on the iTunes (version 10, which is, I agree, ghastly), and see what happens.  More videos after the Random Ten and the jump.

One more thing:  Have a safe Labor Day weekend, whatever you’re doing.  This especially goes for all of those of you that I know and love who are on their way to The Homosexual Olympics Southern Decadence in New Orleans.

Okay, music:

1. Barbra Streisand – “Move On” [Mom, Dad, um, I’m gay…]
2. Wilco – “At Least That’s What You Said”
3. These New Puritans – “We Want War”
4. Phantogram – “When I’m Small”
5. Cale Parks – “Wet Paint”
6. Tori Amos – “Fat Slut”
7. Joanna Newsom – “Soft As Chalk”
8. BT – “Running Down the Way Up”
9. Martha Wainwright – “Hearts Club Band”
10. Elvis Costello & the Attractions – “Clubland”