It’s Friday afternoon, so let’s take a break from Important News (I’m sure I’ll find some in a minute) and look at this piece in The Advocate on “The Most Popular Gays On Twitter.” Important stuff! Let’s find out if I know who any of these people are?

15. Chris Colfer [I do not know who this is.]
13. Michael Buckley, “YouTube personality.” [I do not know who this is.]
11. Adam Lambert [I know about this one! He is the one with the singing and the gayness, yes?]
10. Neil Patrick Harris! Neil Patrick Harris! Neil Patrick Harris!
9. Suze Orman [Heart her.]
6. Ricky Martin
4. Rachel Maddow! [It is nice to see a political lesbian that high on the list.]

Okay, that’s like half of them. Click over to see the ones I skipped, as well as the top three. If you want to skip to number one, click here. (Hint: she dances.)

This post, of course, is really just a shameless ploy to point out that I’m not on that list yet, so, if you feel so led, you may follow me right here. Also, Wayne is here, Mike is here, and Truth Wins Out, which is run as a joint venture between Wayne’s dog Doinkers and my dog Lula, is right here.