Ooh.  Take it away, Lauri Apple from Wonkette:

Officially titled Forgotten Crimes: Lawmaker, Lawbreaker, the short film points out that Vitter was never officially punished for his sins despite phone records and polygraph-passing prostitutes pointing to his guilt (under Louisiana’s Napoleonic Code, he would have been charged with “bein’ a Jean”). But in some ways Vitter has suffered more than he ever deserved, simply by having to live out the rest of his days as “Diaperman.”

Fox News experts say the timing of the Dems’ video — right before the November election — shows that they want Vitter to lose. Quite a nasty campaign move, isn’t it? If the Dems understood biblical values, they would concede the election and never again bring up anything that relates to Vitter’s “serious sin.” They would talk about his virtuous acts, such as returning illegal campaign contributions made by dead women. He also has nice hair.


Now I’m going to go recover from the heart attack I’m having over the Democratic party making an offensive move.