I generally don’t pay too much attention to the interviews Peter LaBarbera posts on his hate site, Americans for Truth.* It’s just one of those things where I see the clip, think to myself, “But there is already good music in my headphones, why ruin the day?”, and find something else of interest to write about.

But Jeremy posted this clip from Peter’s latest interview, with the juvenile, tantrum-throwing Ryan Sorba, and I found it interesting because it really shows two things in clear focus:

1. Social conservatism is fundamentally opposed to real conservatism. Real conservatives are focused on keeping the government out of their business, at whatever cost. This can be good for society, and it can also be very bad for society. In the clip, Ryan Sorba and Peter LaBarbera agree that it is INDEED the government’s business to stop Americans from doing things that they personally don’t like, even if it has no effect on them. Of course, like the disingenuous bigots they are, they equate homosexuality with having sex with animals, but I find it more interesting that they also equate it with choosing to “drop acid” in the privacy of one’s own home. A true conservative with principles would actually support people’s rights to do whatever the hell they want in the privacy of their own homes, as long as it’s not hurting anyone else.

Therefore, social conservatism is fundamentally anti-constitutional. It has been established, completely, that the Constitution guarantees Americans a right to privacy. When Ryan Sorba says that it’s “not in there,” he’s betraying the fact that he is completely unable to read the U.S. Constitution like a grown-up, does not understand what the judicial branch of government does, and furthermore, does not understand the Ninth Amendment. I am very sorry that Ryan Sorba does not understand these things very well, but I am not surprised.

2. The music Peter uses for his interviews is really freaking gay.

AFTAH interview with Ryan Sorba

*Which is, hilariously, blocked by NASA computers under the category of “Hate/Discrimination.”