TBogg described Carly Fiorina like this yesterday:

Fiorina is paying for her campaign with the money from her “severance package” (she was fired, sacked, given the boot, transitioned to “Vice President of Don’t Be Here Anymore”) after laying off thousands of employees and offshoring (“rightshoring”, she calls it) their jobs.

And they still hate her.

She ran Hewlett-Packard into the ground, basically. It’s exceedingly funny that “pro-bidness” types are supporting her, since she’s proven that she can’t run a business.

When asked in a debate with Barbara Boxer her feelings about marriage equality, in light of the fact that civil unions, domestic partnerships and DOMA are all roadblocks to true LGBT equality, denying gay couples over 1,000 federal rights, this was Carly Fiorina’s pathetic non-answer:

[h/t Jeremy]

Trite, code-laden catchphrases that shouldn’t impress anyone with an IQ over 70.