Occasionally, we have shared Molotov Mitchell videos. He’s the self-aggrandizing thug, wannabe who tries to steal Penn & Teller’s act – but adds a sick, right wing twist. Today, Terry Krepel fought back and took a look at who this “conservative” clown truly is.

The profile of Mitchell isn’t pretty and paints a portrait of an angry, dishonest fanatic who should be monitored by the FBI and possibly arrested for sedition. His unpatriotic, violent remarks are on the border where free speech meets an actual threat against the U.S. government:

Mitchell then engages in his usual denigrating of people he doesn’t agree with: “A handful of pencil-necked, metrosexual socialists in Washington can’t possibly defeat a nation of red-blooded, God-fearing patriots.” He then endorsed a military coup against Obama:

The spirit of Thomas Jefferson is alive and well in Honduras — especially in Honduras, where their Marxist just tried to tamper with their constitution, and guess what happened? The Honduran military took that socialist dictator wannabe to the border and said, “Hasta la vista, baby. Better luck in Costa Rica.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Sounds nice to me. Time will tell.

Molotov Mitchell has a real problem with America’s democracy, it seems.

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