NOM is very concerned about what is happening in New Zealand. No…not same-sex marriage

“An earthquake is beginning: If ‘gay is like black,’ then ‘Christian is like racist.’ The early warning signs are now taking place all over the globe. In New Zealand, Exodus Ministries was just stripped of its tax-exempt status, on the grounds that helping gay people lead Christian lives is not a charity.”- National Organization for Marriage

If you are wondering now what the charitable status of ex-gay ministries has to do with marriage, you’ve been taking that National Organization for Marriage name a tad too seriously.  NOM you have to understand…well, NOM’s secret bank rollers…aren’t specifically worried about the value society places on marriage.  Their concern is the value society places on gay people.   We’re not supposed to have any value.

The marriage thing is just the hook they’re hanging that on.  NOM does not exist to promote traditional marriage.  It exists to promote traditional bigotries.  Ex-gay ministries and the gays choose to be gay so ergo they also choose to be persecuted rhetoric that comes out of them have been very useful in that fight for the traditional values of bigots…which is how the charitable status of ex-gay ministries is important NOM.

So can we, at long last, be honest here.  Call them what they are.  Not the National Organization for Marriage, but the National Organization against Gays.