So, this exists:

Gay farmers in Canada have come out–and banded together in a social club where they can talk about crops and the weather, just like any other farmer, reported Canadian newspaper The National Post on July 27.

The Gay Farmers Club is one of a number of groups that operate under the aegis of Au coeur des familles agricoles (ACFA), an organization created to help Canada’s farmers with the pressures that modern life–along with soaring debt, international trade, and a gap between how people in other lines of work live their lives, and how farmers are tied–literally, and often without a break–to the land.


“We share personal stories, but mostly we discuss farming and agriculture,” one member told the publication. “It’s great because we face similar challenges as both farmers and gay people living in rural regions–and we don’t need to explain ourselves.”

I post this because it’s fun, but also because it just shows, yet again, that we are everywhere, and some of us are growing and preparing your food, so you should be nice.

Seriously, though, you always hear the “pro-family” crowd rail agianst “San Francisco valyews” and “East Coast lib’ruls,” and Peter LaBarbera likes to say that people in communities full of bigots should be free to make discriminatory, hateful laws against gay people, but really, we ARE everywhere, in every community. These are Canadians, so they’re obviously more protected than we are in the United States, but maybe one day we’ll get there.