Why are dumb white male yokels never willing to embrace the fact that if gays, racial minorities or women do better than them in life, it’s probably because they’re more qualified and/or smarter in some way?

I know guys like the one in this video at the World’s Largest Weight Watchers’ Meeting in Washington (the Glenn Beck Rally), and it never ceases to amaze me when they start bitching about how all the minorities are conspiring to keep them down.  It would be pitiable if they weren’t so rancid.

A summary:

An unidentified man who said he was a federal worker said that “homosexuals” and “affirmative-action” were keeping him from moving up at his job. The man got into an argument with an African-American man at the site of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on Saturday.

“Why you punishing me for something I didn’t do?” the man said. “Oh, I’m being punished, I’m being held back. I work for the federal government. I have a job, but I can’t move up,” he added.

“Why can’t you move up, because of a black man?” the other man asks.

“No, no, a lot of it’s homosexuals,” the federal worker says. “Nepotism, okay, favorite boyfriends and girlfriends, and affirmative action.”

Dude, I watched the video and survey says: “Dumb teabagger is probably not qualified to mow my lawn.” Decide for yourself:

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No new information to report, but I just realized I’ve been listening to Nina Simone all day today, and Nina could tell that dillweed up there to STFU better than I ever could, so here’s Nina:

If we asked the guy who’s so concerned about the homosexuals and the affirmative action to respond to that, he might reply with something like this: