RandyThomasI’m so upset.

Exodus Vice President Randy Thomas (pictured) took down his hilarious video where he pranced around Orlando, expressed horror that his deodorant smelled too gay, and ordered a designer Starbucks “iced venti, skinny vanilla latte”.

On his vanity blog,”Every Day Thoughts Collected, But Not Organized”, Thomas makes plenty of excuses for taking down the clownish video. However, he neglected to say that he was ashamed of his sideshow and his flamboyant behavior mocked the very “ex-gay” outfit that he works for.

In an effort to take a swipe at Truth Wins Out and appear to be a deep thinker, Thomas says:

About my communication style; I wasn’t ashamed of my mannerisms when I was gay…I am not ashamed of them now that I am not. I personally don’t judge a person’s character by their mannerisms. I believe judgments based solely on behavioral stereotypes reveal that the one judging is at best shallow and at worst ignorantly juvenile.

What a load of hogwash.

alanweird-778681Exodus exists solely to humiliate effeminate gay men (except for Alan Chambers and Thomas) and masculine women. The organization has long hosted lipstick training seminars for lesbians and touch football games for gay men. It teaches gay men and women how to sit more gender appropriately, according to their archaic 1950’s mentality. In virtually every book sold by Exodus, increasing masculinity in men and femininity in women is discussed in great detail.

So, if living as a big ole’ queen or butch lesbian is wrong for the paying clients of Exodus, why is it okay for Thomas and his boss Chambers (pictured)? Why isn’t Thomas practicing what he preaches or adhering to the literature of his own organization? Why is he hawking books about increasing masculinity, if he acts like Richard Simmons on roller-blades and in spandex?

There is a word for people like Thomas: Hypocrite.

If Thomas cannot pass the masculinity program he is immorally selling others — at great cost to their self-esteem — then he should resign from Exodus International.

The least Thomas can do is be man enough to re-post his goofy video, so the whole world can see that Exodus is a silly fraud staffed with stereotypically gay men who sell books and offer seminars about “acting straight”.