The post title is a direct correction of Peter LaBarbera’s Ministry of Love-style headline for the same video.  We’ve written about Molotov Mitchell before, several times.  He’s made videos since the beginning of the year defending the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” bill, which is all you really need to know.  And again, Peter LaBarbera refers to his as a “biblical love,” which means that Peter is seriously DSM-IV, evil, or both.

In this creepy video, Molotov Mitchell talks about how he handles his “gay friends,” by telling them, with no supporting evidence whatsoever other than the fact that other people are brainwashed to believe the same things, that they are headed for a fiery hell.

Also, we find out that Mitchell is a garden variety bigot, who doesn’t feel the need to hold back from making fun of effeminate, “flaming homosexuals.”

SPOILER ALERT:  At the end of the video, the “moral of the story” comes, because apparently the gay guy he’s talking about was particularly susceptible to becoming a victim for Mitchell, convinced to buy into self-loathing in service of a fundamentalist Christian worldview that has been summarily disproven, and moreover, is harmful to those who choose it as a lifestyle.