So here’s a Monday Funday video for you that has nothing to do with anything.

HOWEVER, if you ever harbored a secret desire to Be A Blogger,* then Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny have made a helpful video to learn you the basics.  If you are not familiar with them, they are married, to each other, and they have a fancy radio show called Citizen Radio, where they talk to everyone from Digby to Moby, about politics and whatever else floats their goose.  Also, they are very funny.  Jamie’s hobby is coming up with fancy terms to describe Ted Haggard’s sexual escapades, and Allison’s hobby is making finger porn, which is every bit as sexy as it sounds.  (Also, she has a blog, which is brilliant, and which you should be reading.  But the finger porn is the most important part.)

So, anyway, in this video, Allison reveals The Process behind her brilliance, which involves knives.  My process is actually much simpler, but no less violent.  But we’ll leave that for a later date!

*No, I mean, a GOOD blogger.