joefarahIn other news, Joseph Farah is apparently Ann Coulter’s mirror!

The slapfight just goes on and on and on and on. If you’re just catching up to this story, start here. But for those who are already caught up, you’ll remember that last night, World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah took to his little website to announce tearfully that he had kicked Ann Coulter off his speaking roster for the upcoming Wingnuts of the Sea cruise he’s throwing, due to her refusal to gay bash the gay wingnuts of GOProud, and her insistence on taking their money for giving a speech at Shame-Con.

Well NOW, according to Tucker Carlson’s “Daily Choler,” or whatever it is, Ann Coulter has decided to call the kettle a “publicity whore”:

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter responded today to the announcement that WorldNetDaily was dropping her as a speaker for one of their events, calling WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah a “publicity whore” and a “swine.”

Coulter was bumped from the speakers list of WND’s September “Taking America Back National Conference” after it was announced that she had accepted a speaking gig at a New York City party hosted by GOProud, a Washington-based group that represents gay conservatives.

“[F]arah is doing this for PUBLICITY and publicity alone,” Coulter wrote in an email to The Daily Caller on Wednesday afternoon.


“[T]his was an email exchange [between] friends and even though I didn’t expressly say “OFF THE RECORD” and I believe everything I said, he’s a swine for using my private emails politely answering him.” Coulter wrote in the email to TheDC. “[W]hy would he do such a despicable thing? … for PUBLICITY.”


“I will say that [Farah] could give less than two sh-ts about the conservative movement — as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense (long ago disproved by my newspaper, human events, also sweetness & light, american spectator and national review etc, etc etc). He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing. for ONE reason: to get hits on his website.”

God bless it, but there is nothing funnier than wingnuts fighting.   That said, I’m guessing that Ann Coulter is pretty much banned from the Joseph Farah Mustache Ride for life now.


Also note that the gay wingnuts are totally screaming “DIVAAAAAA!” to each other over this, and defending Ann Coulter for being against gay marriage, because really, those guys don’t want equal rights.  As long as they can eat dinner in the big house…